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Wilson Training & Program Overview

August 31, 2017
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
NYC Charter School Center - Training Room
111 Broadway, Suite 604, New York, NY 10006

Presented By: Anna Reeve

This two-day workshop (August 31 & September 1st) will provide participants with an overview of the Wilson Reading System and is intended for participants with no previous training on the Wilson Reading System. Participants will learn about appropriate student identification and placement, program implementation, and progress monitoring using the Wilson Reading System. Principles of language structure and how to teach language with direct, multisensory methods are demonstrated, shown in videos, and practiced during the workshop. Participants explore the standard 10-part Wilson Lesson Plan and practice planning and delivering a lesson and receiving feedback.

Strand: Academic Intervention Support (This is a seat-free academic intervention support for members!  In other words, it won’t detract from your Academic Intervention Support allotment)

Suggested Audience: Classroom Teachers, Literacy Specialists, and Intervention Teachers


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