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Neuropsychology In Your Classroom

April 26, 2017
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
NYC Charter School Center - Training Room
111 Broadway, Suite 604, New York, NY 10006

Presented by Mandi White-Ajmani 

This workshop will focus on helping educators understand the role that psychological disorders and neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses may play in children’s behavior and functioning in class. We will discuss the signs and symptoms of common psychological difficulties and how they impact a child’s learning. We will also talk about typical supports and service providers for treating various problems. Finally, we will end with a question-and-answer period, where participants will have a chance to share their experiences and challenges.


By attending this session, attendees will leave with:

  • basic knowledge of the signs and symptoms of common psychological disorders
  • familiarity with the manifestation of these disorders in school children
  • information on how to distinguish typical developmental challenges from atypical, maladaptive tendencies -an understanding of what is meant by “neuropsychology”
  • information on how neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses affect learning and behavior
  • a breakdown of the myriad service providers that can effectively treat maladaptive classroom behavior and learning problems

Suggested Audience: General Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Deans/Coaches, Related Service Providers 

Suggested Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, High School 

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