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Annual Education Conference Day 1 – Empowering Parents: Supports for Parent Coordinators

May 11, 2017
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Renaissance Charter School
35-59 81st St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Morning Session: Understanding the IEP by INCLUDEnyc’s Lori Podvesker

Parent coordinators will explore resources that support parents in reading and understanding all sections  of an IEP, and tools to provide an understanding of student and parental rights. Attendees will learn strategies for successful IEP meetings, evaluations, letter writing, mediation, and impartial hearings.

Lunch Session: A Parent’s Journey: Navigating Your Child Through Special Education – Lunchtime Keynote by Maria Sanders

Maria Sanders will share her journey through the board of education and beyond with her 2 autistic and learning challenged boys. One son was diagnosed with severe ADHD and Maria and her husband were told he would never read or graduate with a regular education diploma or degree. Her 2nd son was born on the spectrum with Asperger’s and she was told he would never be socialized with normal children and to hold him back in kindergarten. Currently, her oldest son is a 21 year old senior in college with a 3.3 GPA, writing a book about his autistic journey, while the younger son is entering high school next year with an IQ in math of 135.

Afternoon Session: Advocacy Skills: Coaching Parents to Become Advocates for Their Children by INCLUDEnyc’s Jean Mizutani

In this session, parent coordinators will gain the information needed to identify next steps and resolve disagreements within any system, including school, the community, and health care. Attendees will identify and practice skills of advocacy, focusing on appropriate dispute resolution procedures and effective communication.

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